Thursday, October 25, 2012

Evening #4

I am doing great!!

I am taking all the medications and doing lots of resting.  I am actually getting really bored.

I don't get to go home until my levels are just right and we find the right dosage.

I am been doing lots of walking.  Walking the halls, going down to the cafeteria and walking around my room.  My back gets tired when I sit in bed too long.

My heart rate has gone down and so has my blood pressure.  I am feeling very positive and in a great mood.

I am stilling hating my PICC.  The tape itches me.  I am looking forward to a dressing change next week.  Still waiting to get my eyes checked and my hearing checked.

I have wonderful nurses, CNA's and therapists.  Everyone is friendly and so very helpful.

Hugs to everyone!!

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