Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Momma is Hyper!!

I started my #3 MAC drug.  It is the first hard core one.  It is making me hyper.  It is not even a side effect.  I am also a touch dizzy.  I start the last hard core drug tomorrow.

My spit is starting to turn a dark yellow and other fluids are a lovely shade of orange.

I also had my PICC put in.  I could feel it being threaded into my chest.  It tried to go down the wrong vein and so they had to redirect it.  Freaky!!!

We went down to get supper.  I was punchy... I was so hyper.  I am feeling better this evening.  I am very chatty.

My family spent part of the day with me.  I had a most lovely time.

I am hoping that all will go well tomorrow and maybe I can go home by late Thursday or Friday.

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