Saturday, May 5, 2012

First Cardiac/Pulmonary Appointment

Yesterday I had my first of many cardio/pulmonary appointment.  I endured a stress test/exercise endurance test.

They got my heart rate up to 200 beats a minute.  I thought my heart was going to leap right out of my chest.  They took several units of blood.  All of this while I was riding an exercise bike.

My arm is bruised, my knees hurt and my calves ache a bit.

The doctor said that I did really well.  I may not be as out of shape as we had previously thought.  My heart did really good keeping up during the test.  Now I get to wait for the final results later on this coming week.

I hope I don't to do that test again any time soon.  It kicked me in the back end.

Now to start the rehab portion of this cardiac/pulmonary rehab.  I have my consults with the therapy department this week.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my you must have been exhausted. Hope rehab goes well.


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