Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Garden Progress

Everything except the cucumbers are planted in the garden.  Those will be in tomorrow.

The plants look a bit wet and mussed up.... I took pictures of them after I watered.  Sorry they are all less than perky. As you can see we still don't have grass.  That may not happen until this fall.

This is some cilantro. It came up really quick.  In a few days we can start taking off leaves and cook with it.

  This one is kinda hard to see... it is immature chives.  This was a best picture of it I could get.

Baby pea plant.  Already has its runner coming out.

Beets... Yum!

Radishes.  Oops!  Look like I missed a weed or two.  They look a bit limp... after they dried off, the leaves looked better.

Mixed lettuce

Soon to be cabbage.  Yes, I know there are rocks in my garden. The previous renter added them and we can't get them out.  We have had a garden in earlier years and the rocks don't seem to affect the success of the garden.

Leaf lettuce


This is the first of the corn to come up.  It is hard to see.  By evening it was up higher and easier to see. I am looking forward to corn on the cob at the end of summer.

My garden is in later this year than normal.  It was too cool to get things planted until a couple weeks ago and we had to get the new fence up... didn't want to step on growing plants.

Will update in a week or so.  We should have radishes to eat by next week.  

Now is it just a matter of watering and keeping thing weeded.  

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  1. My pea plants are getting huge too! I need to go build a trellis out there this week so they actually have something to climb!


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