Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not Enough Oxygen... so I got oxygen

It finally happened.  I got to the point that during the night I was not getting enough oxygen.  My doctors ordered me 2 liters of therapeutic oxygen at night.  Tonight is the first night!!

I sometimes use oxygen in the hospital after surgeries so hopefully this should be an easy transition.

Next month I am doing a 6 minute walk test to see if we need to start oxygen during exercise (walking on the bike path, doing Wii and hiking at the bird refugee).  We will wait and see.

This is what my floor looks like between the spare room and my bedroom....

The extra tubing on the bed. That is 50 feet of tubing

And finally the nose piece.  Sorry this pic turned out so blurry.

Hoping for a good nights sleep and feeling wonderful tomorrow.... with lots of energy and alertness!!

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