Friday, April 6, 2012

No Big Easter Plans

Some years we have a fancy brunch with friends.  This year.... no fancy brunch.  We will likely have a simple breakfast and then work in the yard.

Kiddo and I will dye a few eggs and call it good this year.  Here are our eggs from last year.

I made Easter gifts but didn't get them mailed this year... I will mail them out on a later date.

No Easter church service either... I don't need to catch some spring cold.

I will enjoy the weekend with my family and maybe next year we will have a big Easter... and then maybe not.


  1. Beautiful eggs!

    Have a wonderful Easter weekend, be well!

  2. Nice to have a low-key holiday too. Happy Easter. Rest well and stay well!

  3. We are having a simple Easter here as well. Enjoy the day.


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