Friday, July 13, 2012

Master Bathroom-- Medical Room

Our house has way too many bathrooms for my liking.  So.... I converted the master bath into a "medical room".

This is my space to flush my sinuses, store my medication (away from humidity) and keep things I will need during a tune up.

Sorry for the blur. :(
This is the only surface that is used in this bathroom... 
See my sterile water in the mason jar?  It is already for me to flush out my sinuses.  

This is my flushing station..... salt, baking powder and flushing bottle. 

In this area where I also keep all of my thing necessary for a tune up (hospitalization).  Comfy blanket, suitcase, and bathrobes.  I also have small bags pre-filled with shampoo/ conditioner, lotions and such... things a person tends to forget when heading to the hospital for 2-3 weeks. 

No more wondering where a medication is or what to pack for a tune up.  Everything is in one room and ready to roll.  SWEET!!

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