Sunday, July 15, 2012

Master Bedroom Decluttered

I wish I had more pics of the master bedroom for your but.... I still have a few boxes at one side of the room.

Here is the bed area.  Yes, our bedspread is kinda wild.  We are not getting rid of color.

Here is what the end tables looked like before...
(Bye-bye hanky that was collecting dust)

Here is the after...
Only the absolute necessities.  The dark shadow on the side of the table is a few books. Much easier to dust and no dust collecting linens

Here is the before on the other side of the bed...
(Bye-bye lines and figurine)

Ooops!!  (I forgot to take a pic of the "after".... you can imagine the changes right??) :)-

The next couple of pictures had sunshine issues.... too much sunshine.  SO SORRY!

We started with gauzy curtains.  They are simple but they were collecting dust are almost impossible to wash.

Underneath we had linen blinds.  So much easier to keep clean.... just vacuum.  I now need to remove the hardware from walls.  

This week's task:   get rid of the large pile of to donate and start listing a few items to sell. 

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