Saturday, December 3, 2011

MRI- Arthrogram on Hip

Yesterday I had to have a MRI-Arthrogram on my hip.

I was scared out of my mind... needles, big needles!!   They stuck a 20 gauge needle in my hip socket and put in dye contrast.  When they had me under the x-ray machine they examined the condition of my hip. I had several shots of numbing drug in my hip.... more needles.  I yelped in pain a few times and they gave me more localized numbing drugs. I was a frazzled mess by the time it was over.

I had the BEST nurses, techs and doctor. They were patient with me and very understanding that I was in pain.  My fingers tingled from holding the nurses hand so hard.

The MRI portion was pretty okay.  I freaked out a bit at first but the tech gave me a small "talking to" and I was fine.  He was kind but firm and that is what I needed at that point.  I did the 30 minutes in the "tube". The tech talked to me every 4 minutes or so.  That helped tons!!

When it was all over my hip felt like it was full of cement.  Very heavy and stiff.  I hobbled to the car with my family.

I have some residual soreness and tightness in the hip socket less then 24 hours later.  I guess this is typical. Some mild pain meds have eased most of the discomfort.  I have no bruising and the swelling seems to be going down.

I am SO GLAD for that to be over.  Now to find out if I need surgery or physical therapy. I am voting for physical therapy.

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  1. I will keeping my fingers crossed for no surgery.


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