Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lighten Up the Kitchen

My kitchen was too cluttered.  Too many things on the counter.... not enough work space.

We are going to try canning and preserving this summer so I need lots of space to work.  I don't like kitchen counters to be too sparse and sterile.  I like a little bit of "practical" pretty.

A few years ago we painted the kitchen a creamy white and cranberry red.  Yes, I sponge painted.

I just could not put away my rooster pitchers. 

I corralled all the cooking utensils in a old cookie jar.  This area is also hubby's coffee center.  

This was the hardest counter to declutter/lighten up.  I like some things to be out and accessible.  
Yes... we had pancakes this morning.  Help yourself.  

I use the mixer on a weekly basis and it is too big for my cupboards. The canisters are new... and I love them.

The canisters are Wexford.  I just love the sealing lids.  Looks like it is time to refill the flour canister. 

This little tiny counter was the biggest "clean up".  We tend to pile things here that need to be taken to the garage.  Today.... it is clean and clear of "stuff".  It looks great!!

Later today I will scrub out the microwave and stove.  Finally I will mop the floor.  

Clean kitchen.....  SWEET!!

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