Thursday, October 20, 2011

Clinic Day

We try to do fun things on clinic day... eat out, go to the city park.  This week I had my quarterly clinic appointment with the Ear Nose and Throat Clinic and CF clinic.  It was cold outside.  No going to the park to walk around... instead we stopped at the local Bass Pro Shop and walked around for a couple of hours.

We loved the entrance of the store:

Hubby and Kiddo are starting to get into camping and hiking.  I have always loved fishing.  Since we had lots of time to spare we all got to look at their favorite area of the store.  We even had fun looking at the fishing boats and ATVs.

This was my first time in a Bass Pro store.  I loved the huge fish tank.  I could have sat and watched the fish forever.

Look at this huge guy!!  (he was about 3 feet long)

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