Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We have spouts and garden progress

First of all I will share with you my garden spot.  It is much bigger than it looks in this picture.  Hubby and Kiddo turned over the dirt and added ash to enrich the soil.  

We will let it rest for a short while and likely turn it over one more time before planting.
As you can see we have no grass in our backyard.  We get to plant sod this spring. 

We have sprouts!!  Lots of cucumbers, lettuce and onions so far

We have one sprout in this box... 

We also have a tomato plants sprouting.  I will need to thin this one out very soon.

The flowers seeds and herb seeds are still not sprouting yet.... I need to learn some patience. 

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  1. This reminds me I better clean our my planters and get some seeds done. I wish I had a garden space like that! For now I grow tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots on my little balcony :)

  2. Lots of exciting things going on there! I love to see the seeds germinate. I wish I could grow vegetables. Unfortunately, I don't have enough sun.

  3. Your garden spot is a nice size. I can't wait to get outside and work in the garden.


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