Sunday, March 10, 2013

Long Time No Update

Sorry I have been so quiet.  Life has gotten out of my control lately.

We had another snowstorm this weekend.  We are not venturing out as we had rain before the snow... slick!!!!  None of us care to fall or be in a car accident so we are sticking close to the fireplace and eating lots of soup.

I went to a new doctor last week.  Mycobacteria Avium Complex is her speciality.  She was awesome!!!  The doc is hard to get to see but my CF docs made the initial referral so that made things a touch easier.  I cannot lay flat anymore.  We found out I have a sloppy, lack of muscle esophagus.  I guess food goes down by gravity and not much else.  The hole in my lung is likely due to stomach acid coming back up and heading down the wrong tube.  The recliner is my new bed.

This week I go back to the doc and go a med level blood test.  They will stick me two times to get certain med levels to make sure the dosage of TB drugs are right.  Human pin-cushion here I come. Kiddo has to stay in the waiting room as  I will be going to a restricted part of the hospital.

I have been doing a touch of sewing.... doing all these lung treatments is time consuming.

I am making mini hand warmers and drawstring bags to hold them.

Here are the beginnings of the drawstring bags:

Here is what the hand warmers look like (fancy bean bag like things):

I also started some new quilt blocks.  I have only done three of them...

Yep, more log cabin blocks

Hopefully I will have more pictures to share soon.  I am fighting seasonal affect disorder and one of the ways to treat it is to do more things that a person enjoys... to get them out of the sad funk.... sewing is my de-funker.  

My quilting and sewing boards on pinterest are full so it is time to get sewing and creating.  Toodles!!!

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  1. Glad you found a good doctor.
    I like the idea of doing something we like for the seasonal low.
    You are doing great with all your sewing. My pinterest boards are so FULL too.


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