Friday, July 13, 2012

Deciding to be a minimalist

Hubby and I both admitted being overwhelmed with our lives.  I am always on the edge of being sick and he suffers from multiple mild conditions (mostly lots of joint pain and fatigue).  We decided to start simplifying our lives.

I have read about being a minimalist  before but was never ready to take the leap.  After taking a mental inventory of the all the stuff we have in our house and the thought of moving to a small house caused me lots of panic.

I love pretty things... I love old things.  My love of those things had gotten OUT OF CONTROL.  When I open a closet and things start falling off shelves or I can't find what I am looking  was a good clue.... we have too much stuff.

Each summer when it is too hot to go outside, I declutter.  I tell myself I am thinning out for the gifts we will receive at Christmas. Its summer again and I am stuck inside looking at my "museum" house.  I admit to myself how little I use the things that are around here.

We have started in the bedroom/master bath and hall bathroom.  I don't have pictures yet because we are NOT done.  We have already donated 6 boxes to our favorite charity.  I am hoping to be done in these three rooms this weekend. Here is my problem (good problem)... I keep finding more stuff to get rid of.

Hopefully by Sunday night, I will have pictures of the new and improved rooms to share.

We are only keeping the things we love, use and need.  That really narrows things down....

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