Monday, April 30, 2012

Freshen Up the Dining Room

It was long over due time to freshen up the dining room for springs/summer.  Yes, I am a touch behind.

With our traveling, doctors appointments and starting garden sprouts the dining room table was a mess. Total mess!!

Now it is all cleaned off..

Please excuse all the white buckets in the background.  We are working on a project and the dining room is their temporary home.  I will tolerate their presence for a few more days.

My mother in law gave me this princess cut dish last weekend. It is a perfect fit for all of my medicines.  I have to have them out or I forget to take them.

My mother in law found this princess cut tray for me as well.

The bowl is Wexford.  It is one a new pieces for my HUGE Wexford collection. 

I tweaked this space (above my hutch) a while back.  I still like how it looks so..... nothing changed here.  I need to find a frame for that picture.  Hmm....

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