Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back but tired...

I am back online again.  I will spare you the details but I had some tummy issues. I had to do a colon cleanse yesterday and it was miserable.  I am a few pounds lighter.  Not a fun way to loose weight all of a sudden.  The colon cleanse medication messed with my blood sugars. I felt like I was shaking all day.  I am  exhausted today from it all.

I have most of my housework done and I need a huge nap.  I haven't made it into my sewing room since Saturday.  I am afraid it will be Saturday again before I get in there again AND sew.  I look longingly at my quilt blocks and patterns from the doorway but there is no time to play.

A sink full of dishes is calling my name and then I need to start supper.

See ya later...

1 comment:

  1. Hey! I am have stomach issues as well. They are trying to figure out what's going on and are going to do a colon cleanse and hopefully that solves the issues. They gave me the ultimatum of GoLytely or Miralax/Gatorade combo. I've had golytely before, its horrible so I'm going to try the miralax combo. Hope everything improves with you.


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