Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Brother Sewing Machine

A little over a year ago my mother gave me a sewing machine.  It was like Christmas... part 2.
Please excuse the peeling wallpaper in the background.  

It is amazing. It has a start and stop button on it... no need for a foot pedal.  When did they start doing this??... this is heaven!!  No foot pedal to slide around on the floor.  (A foot pedal does come with the machine but I have never plugged it in).

 Not only does it sew but it embroiders.  I enjoy embroidering  by hand but my sewing machined does straight line embroidery SO much faster than I can.

Here are some of the beautiful stitches that I have experimented with....

In this past year I have made 19 aprons, one dress, jazzed up two pillow cases and 4 table runners, 3 baby blankets, 1 quilt, numerous potholder and quite a few smaller projects.  I have started and am anxious to finish 3 more  table runners and 3 more quilts in the next few weeks.

My sewing machine is staying busy!!

**This is not a paid post for the Brother Sewing Machines.  I am just sing its praises because I enjoy my sewing machine.

What kind of sewing machine do you use??  What features cause you to sings is praises??

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