Friday, January 6, 2012

Almost.... almost scheduled

We finally made the decision to move forward with my first hip surgery.  I am of mixed feelings.  Sometimes I am scared out of my mind and other times I am calm and ready to begin the process of rehabilitation.  I am sure this will continue until they give knock me out for each surgery.

It will be a long road of rehab. One week recovery for the first surgery and then an initial 6 weeks to 6 months for the second surgery (depending on which one the doctor thinks I need)-- reconstruction of existing hip or total hip replacement.

I talked to the nurse today to let her know I am giving the green light to schedule surgery #1.  The next freaky moment is when we have a surgery date.  I have had tons of surgeries.... I am still having lots of anxiety.  I don't like letting go and letting people cut up my body even if the are tiny incisions.

Looks like next week we will have a surgery date (for likely next month).  We are scrambling around  this month to get all my pre-surgery check ups done so that all will go as smoothly as possible.  We need to make sure my lungs will deal with all the necessary medications necessary for surgery and pain.

I have been stumbling around here something horrible.... at least I haven't fallen in over a month.  Hubby was tempted to buy me a walker the other day.  I told him he should have gotten me a cane.  I am tempted to find a old classy cane to use for the next few month... something with character (something not metal and "medical" looking).

Will update when I have a surgery date.  Then I need to get cookin' and freezin' so that my family will have some casseroles to eat when I am recovering.

Any suggestions for casseroles that freeze  and thaw well??

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  1. Hope everything goes well. Keep us updated.


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