Sunday, November 20, 2011

Countdown to Thanksgiving: Baking and Cleaning

I spent the day baking bread.  First, I made yummy herb bread, followed by brown and serve whole wheat dinner rolls, then 2 loaves of french bread and then regular whole wheat bread.

Yes, that is a lot of bread.  Thankfully I have a handy dandy counter top mixer.  It stayed busy for several hours of mixing and kneading.  I would not make bread without it!

These are the brown and serve dinner rolls for Thanksgiving Dinner.... all we have to do is warm them in the oven before eating

This is the herb bread. It is so yummy with soup.  My guys can make this loaf disappear in one meal. I have a feeling I should have made a couple more of these.  

We will be eating all of our holiday meals at the dining room table.  I cleared off the everyday clutter and   added this rustic runner on the table.  I was getting very tired of the fall tablecloth.

Now I need to find the energy to make some supper. There is leftover spaghetti... think I will brown some ground beef to add to my spaghetti.  Will go easy on the sauce... been having trouble with heartburn lately.

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