Friday, January 25, 2013

January Health Update

I don't know how many family/ friends are still reading my blog.....

I am free of my PICC.  My arm went from looking like this:

To looking like this....

I have lots of nerve damage and my skin is still healing. 

To celebrate, we made a quick trip to Olive Garden on our way home from clinic.  I am sure I looked goofy in my mask but.... oh, well!!!  

I had my 3 month CT scan and the cavity is starting to heal but not fast enough.  Just wish it wasn't so big!!!  I have to be seen by an infection disease doctor.  I guess they have more drug choices  in their "doctor bag" than my CF docs.  

I have lots of energy but when I get tired.... I get zonked.  I am sleeping better with the PICC out.  

Doing vest treatments, my inhaled med  and the "magic three" drug cocktail.  We shall see what they add next.

I have absolutely no immune system.  Still doing at home isolation but have added going for small  walks and sitting in the sun. With the flu being so crazy I am happy to stay home.

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