Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I am free.... well almost!!!

Today I got the good news that I no longer have to take the Doripenem.  I am so happy.

I can go to sleep at a decent time at night and sleep in if my little heart desires.

I am only having to do the Amikacin 3x's per week now.  I have 4 days free... well... I still have to flush my line once a day.

I had a slight hiccup yesterday.  My line refused to flush smoothly.  The home health nurse had to run some enzyme through my PICC to eat away the sludge.  Now it runs super smooth.

I am exhausted from our busy day.  I am off to relax and then go to sleep early tonight.

Lots to be thankful for tonight!!!!!


It looks like the Nocardia is gone.  Gone!  They are going to keep doing cultures but for now it is gone!!

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