Friday, November 2, 2012

Enjoying Home

I am doing great at home.  I am flushing my own line and administering my own drugs.

I am not back to doing the cooking and the cleaning yet... trying to ease back into life.

When I got home I had packages to open.  I received this fun Lemon Bumblebee themed gift basket.

I also got a plant for the garden.  Hubby took it outside immediately and planted it in the backyard.  I am not suppose to plant/garden anymore due to my Nocardia or have houseplants.

I have more energy every day.  By the time my mom leaves I should be strong enough to be on my own.

Well....I am about half done with my morning IV medication.  Will flush the line and then rest. Kinda of rough getting up early in the am to do one of the meds. Can't quit yawning....

1 comment:

  1. You are dearly treasured. Please rest and regain your strength.

    Continuing to pray for you dear one.


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