Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mycobacteria Avium

I just got back from clinic.... yesterday.  My mycobacteria (MAC) has finally taken its toll.

I have a cavity (hole) in my right lung that is quite large.  It is time to treat the mycobacteria.  In a few weeks I will be admitted to have a PICC put in and start IV drugs.

Some of the drug side effects don't sound very fun.... having orange spit and tears does sound quite interesting.

Will be keeping everyone (friends and family) updated here rather than sending out emails.

It seems kinda weird to have a cavity (hole)  in my lung.

The mycobacteria is making my cough (all the time), low grade fever, horrible night sweats and mind blowing fatigue.  Hoping that the IV and oral drugs will kick the mycobacteria's butt and close the cavity in my lung.

Now it is time to get my house in order and start packing my bags


  1. Sorry you are having a rough time with the stinky old MAC. We will keep you in our prayers.

  2. Will keep you, your family and the medical team in my prayers. Ahorsesoul on MHH


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