Monday, June 25, 2012

Straightened the Craft Closet

We are 5 days away from July.  In my little world that means Christmas in July.  I decided since I was going to craft and sew lots and lots that I better get organized.

I sorted through all of my fabric.... all of it.  I did throw away a small amount but most of it was refolded and put away ready for upcoming projects.  Here is what my floor looked like for a short time yesterday.  Ack!!

The other thing I sorted was all the papers... my sewing room is also my place to write letters and do homeschooling paper work.

After sorting through ALL the papers, I found lots and lots of stationery.  I sorted them by envelopes and cards (I like to mix and match).

I also found TONS of notepads and post it notes.  

A few weeks ago I covered small cardboard boxes with construction paper to hold odds and ends.  This is one of them.  Not the neatest job of covering but for me it works. :)
This box holds all of my patterns and templates. Now I won't have to go crazy trying to find a quilt block template.

Now I know where all my fabric  patterns and notions are located.  Let the holiday sewing begin!!

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