Friday, April 27, 2012

Fabric Supply Multiplied

My hubby's grandmother was getting rid of her quilting stash and supplies.  She heard that I was quilting. She sent me 2 large garbage bags filled with yards, remnants, and scraps of fabrics. I had fun sorting through all of it and trying to find homes for all of it.

I kept seeing all sorts of coordinating fabrics and envisioning beautiful quilts or other such projects.

Sorry if that these pictures are a touch blurry.... my camera phone cooperates when it wants to.

I think this yellow fabric will be cute in a baby quilt

Excuse my foot in the picture.  I am eyeing that red gingham for myself... curtains for my kitchen??

She also had a few pre-cut templates... I imagine I can re-use those at some point.

One thing that made me giggle... I found a partially done quilt in one of the bags.  I plant to finish it (sometime) and send it back to her.

Oh, the sewing fun ahead of me!!!

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